Yonder Journal: Bushwacking in the Mythical State of Jefferson


Yonder Journal: Bushwacking in the Mythical State of Jefferson

Photo by Daniel Wakefield Pasley

Sometimes, rides go south and I’m not talking about Georgia. Yonder Journal has been to the Mythical State of Jefferson twice now. The second time, didn’t go so well… Check out a few words by Kyle von Hoetzendorff:

“WE ARE TIRED, HUNGRY, AND BEATEN. Around us mountains rise like picket signs to mock our day’s progress. This trip, which trip specifically doesn’t matter, is familiar; you, me, we have all been here before, a day full of motivational derision packed with mind-chiding expletives like “just around the corner”, “this is the last hill,” and “I am sure it’s just right up ahead.” The road we’re on, our road, has petered out, it’s a dead end stub built by the type of people who knew exactly where they came from and who had no choice but to return there. We on the other hand need to carry on, turning back is an admission of failure, an admission that all those involved had seriously considered and yet none of us were smart enough to act upon…”

Continue reading at Yonder Journal! I really enjoyed this piece Kyle.