Frostbike 2014 Gallery

A few months back, I expressed an interest in attending Frostbike to Jeff from All-City. Typically, it’s not really a huge media event, meant more for shop owners and brand reps. Wheels turned and viola, I found myself in freezing cold Minneapolis. While I had a few preconceptions about what I’d see, I was wildly impressed.

Frostbike is much smaller than I expected. It’s a QBP-specific tradeshow, only open to Q brands both in-house and distributed. In house brands include: Surly, Salsa, All-City, Whisky, Foundry, 45NRTH, Civia and others. Around 100 vendors total showed off products new and old.

Notable sights: iSSi, Q’s new in-house pedal brand – All-City‘s Macho Disk – Surly‘s new dropout designs – $250 fatbike tires by 45NRTH – the fatbike course outside QBP was a blast – the food was awesome – free beer! – Angry Catfish making coffee – Seeing friends, meeting and talking to readers!

Preface: it’s winter in the midwest and a lot of the new products were MTB and fatbike-related.

I don’t know what else to say. I had fun at Frostbike and hope to return next year. See some of the radness in the Gallery!

  • Ham Sandwich

    oh shit, does the new krampus have the same dropouts as the ice cream truck? must be my god damn birthday

    • yessir MDS for the ICT, Krampus and new K-Monkey

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    wuhdjahl think of the Beargrease?

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      btw, stoked to see Surly continue with the ‘ops’ option

    • It felt totally different than my Pugs, but I think it has a lot to do with the material.

      • fuzzy

        Angles, Fork Offset, Bottom Bracket Height, Chainstay Length. Very different bikes!

  • Tyler Shannon

    I love Cielos, but for some reason, the branding on their bikes looks so strange to me. It looks like a giant sticker that is just throw on at the last minute. It doesn’t seem to fit the quality of the bike

  • Salim Riley

    That balaclava and riding boot look good for winter messenger work.

  • Jake Kruse

    “A $250 studded fatbike tire. No joke” …or is it?

  • Western Rapid

    What’s the deal with that new Fizik Volta? Very interested to try it – know when it’s supposed to hit the market?

  • wow that’s awesome gallery. just love it lot. thanks for sharing.

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  • zweigstelle666

    What kind of coffee maker had PEDROS?!

    Love it!

  • Adam Carter

    that beargrease carbon is one of the most beautiful bikes i’ve ever seen. any chance kyle will be sharing any words on it?

  • chrispiascik

    I’m in love with the Fairdale TAJ.