Thomson Introduces US-Made Titanium MTB Frames Jan 26, 2014


Well, technically they’re Thomson-designed, Lynskey-manufactured frames but it’s still rad if you ask me! The Elite 275 (clever name) is the first to the spotlight, followed by the Elite 29, a singlespeed 29r that comes with a Rohloff Option and a Thomson singlespeed drivetrain. Eventually, there will be the Elite Gravel road bike, which is, as you might have guessed, for off-road action.

Other developments include the new Thomson Pave Post, for road, cross and other drop-bar bikes that get some time in the dirt.

You will even be able to visit their facilities in Macon, Georgia and give them a test ride.

Check out more information at Thomson.

  • Eddie Jacobson

    This is an awesome collaboration but it looks like a Thomson rebrand of the 2013 Lynskey hardtails. I don’t even care if it is, that looks fun as hell.

    • Knowing Thomson, they probably started from the ground up and redesigned it all. Which is rad.

      • Eddie Jacobson

        Either way! I can’t see this project being anything other than amazing with either of these companies at the helm. Thomson could not have picked a better brand with which to make a ti mtb. It’s a good brand match with two reputable companies. ‘Murica. +1

  • Keith Gibson

    interested in the elite gravel, sounds awesome.

  • btdubs

    Whelp. Looks like I have to get one of these. My family is from Macon.