The 2014 Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit

You know what? I had never been to a Wolfpack event before last night. I know, I know, I suck… Luckily, it just so happened that I was in Los Angeles and was able to pedal down Sunset Blvd to the Los Angeles Civic Center to watch the 2014 Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit…

For me, it was an eye-opening experience. Since the Civic Center Crit is literally, right smack dab in the center of Los Angeles, it attracted a huge crowd. The streets were all closed, making for an exiting race course for spectators to do their thing.

The day began with qualifiers for road and track, before moving onto the women’s road, a freakbike race, men’s road, then the women’s track, and men’s track followed.

I know in the past, people have complained about these events being behind schedule, but everything was actually running ahead of the set times. There were no serious injuries and everyone seemed to be dancing between exhaustion and pure post-race endorphin stokedness.

It was great to see some familiar faces, meet new people and watch some fast-paced bike racing in an urban backdrop like DTLA. Thank you Wolfpack for throwing such a fun event and thank you Los Angeles for attending.