Brooks C17 and C17s Cambium Saddles Nov 1, 2013



The newest saddle from Brooks should be in stock now at your local bike shop. The C17 (mens) and C17s (womens) Cambium is vegan-friendly and one of the slickest designed saddles I’ve seen. Not pictured is the darker colored version, which can be seen here. Head over to your local Brooks dealer to pick one up and see more information at Brooks England.

  • CM

    Have you tried one? I’m curious to see how they feel

    • Matthew J

      Reminds me a lot of the Berthoud it replaced. Comfortable for sure.

  • Jamie Judges

    Mine is so comfortable! Pretty much as comfortable as my leather b17 but suits modern frames better :) heavier than other saddles out there but not crazy heavy.

  • Jake Ricker

    Now I don’t know which color to get…

    • black!

      • Jake Ricker

        I thought it looked kinda dark brown.
        But I was leaning that way. :)

  • MT

    I’m using one of it, the natural rubber material is amazing and very comfortable and the design of the saddle is great. Love it!!!

  • Robert Franklin

    I put one on my Basso recently and am happy with it. It takes a little getting used to having a less slick surface, but I think I’m actually coming to prefer it. The best thing I can say is that I rode it for the 60-mile route on Levi’s fondo and felt fine at the end.

  • Ultra_Orange

    I was just looking at this on the Brooks website the other day. Would like a chance to try it out. Wonder if they will release is in a wider array then tan and brown?