Matt’s Samson Basket Track

If you were around in the mid-2000’s, rode a track bike on the streets and still have that frame, chances are, it might look like this. I love seeing friend’s zippy, fast, track-drop equipped bikes get swapped out for a spinny gear, risers and a Wald basket. When Matt wanted something more lively to ride to work each day, he bought his friend’s old Samson track bike and quickly made the transition to basket track.

Matt is co-owner at Flat Track Coffee, my local shop and every day he rides to work in Vans, with his made in the USA, Austin-based, Helm boots in the basket and a few bags of coffee for customers. This bike is always parked inside the shop and finally I got around to photographing it. Personally, I love this bike so much, as I’m sure Matt does.

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  • Kevin Ehman

    beauty. nothing makes me happier than beat steel trueschool track bikes converted to rack/basket EDRs.

  • Jamie McKeon

    a friend of mine has a similar setup. this is slick.

  • Ian Stone

    What bars are those? The whole bike looks amazing!

  • Francisco Alvarez

    Anyone know what type of basket assembly that is?

  • Max C

    dank brakeless rack bike

  • Noel Smith

    Nice frickin’ beater bike!

  • Tyler Shannon

    This may be a strange question, but what type of grips are those? I’ve been trying to find a good grip to use on a riser bar