Minneapolis Randomness 02

I really, really had a blast in Minneapolis. As a by-product of running this site, I always have a camera on me. Unfortunately for some people, that means I am usually catching them doing something idiotic. Fortunately for you, it’s quite funny to see some of that behavior unfold.

What you’ll fine within this narrated Gallery is only part of some of the stories to be told here on the site at a later date. Most of these photos involve the following: bros, babes, Baroo, beaches, bikes, beer and bourbon. Simple enough right? Check out more in the Gallery!

  • Kat Daley

    Goddamn this set is awesome, John! SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER.


    Man, that peppermint schnapps took him out. ;)

  • Jamie McKeon

    dude this set RULED, i am so ready for summer now

  • Saisha Harris

    love love love

  • Ian Stone

    Kyle has the sickest socks, always.

    • aeriolabehaviour

      I noticed them too. WANT!

  • btdubs

    Those brats look SO good.

  • tourisme bags

    cute ass dog

  • hurricane_josh

    uncanny. i have the same glass pictured in second to last photo!