Eurobike 2013 Über Gallery 01

Guten tag! I have found the internet…

It’s Eurobike and I have no idea what to do here. Well, that’s not true, I have a few clever posts up my sleeve. After 12 hours of madness, I’ve made my way through most of the show, ran into some people, saw some cool shit, exhausted my shutter finger and the first flask filling #FFF. I managed to get some great shots, including the new White Industries anodized hubs, the return of turquoise Chris King, some rad Tune products, a sexy LOOK, Bear Grease, #Partybrand, body-painting, AWOL, beer, beer and beer.

While I’m working on more content, how about some randomness from the first day? I thought so…

  • Keith Gibson

    the crema cycles look nice.

  • A carbon fat-bike and a roadie with disc brakes. It’s like a glimpse of the future.

    • Devin Jones

      the future is grim lol

  • Tyler Johnson

    What brand is that camo bike?

  • Ian

    Where can I get that AWOL mug?! so cool!

  • pje0713

    Why is the Istanbul city symbol on the AWOL mug? Just because it looks cool?

    • Tyler Shannon

      That was the finishing city of the race they just finished.

    • totally. Just because it looks cool.

  • Wade Stevens

    Cannondale EVO is such a classic looking frame for a carbon bike (straight skinny stays and almost level top tube), and the spidering crank is by far the best looking crank out there. I’ll probably never buy a carbon bike, but it really is gorgeous. I know a number of people that ride them, and they are blown away.

    The fork on that Bear Grease is very nicely sculpted. Specialized could learn something from it …

  • mattbwhite

    crema XC is pure pr0n breh.

  • Noel Smith

    Wow.. great coverage! The integrated brake on the Look is pretty slick, couldn’t figure it out at first.

  • Looks like my Fatboy Hemi cruiser has grown gears and a few inches…

  • jmilligan718

    For a sec thought this was going to be:

    Euorbike 2013 Moustache Gallery 01

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Stokageishigh on that Crema SSCX bike.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    awesome randomness, thanks!

  • wunnspeed

    Funny… I live in Germany and avoid Tune for many reasons… but in the roadie photo with the disks I was more impressed by the Whisky Brand fork… I’ve been hoping they’d start shipping to the ‘other’ continent. …And the Corretec weird weld thing… that’s what you get with all aluminum bikes… ugly welds… it’s German though so I’m sure it’s been tested to within an inch or centimeter of it’s life! Nice pics….

  • Jake Ricker

    Really into those Crema bikes.
    Don’t believe I’ve ever seen them before, but I really like what I see.

  • Davis Yarbrough

    My favorite stuff in this is the Tune components and that Crema SSCX.

  • Alexander Liauw

    quality of these photos is amazing, nice shootin