Dave Trimble’s Neversink Road Race

As part of Trimble Racing, Dave has been throwing Neversink , a road race north of NYC in the backroads of upstate New York. The 73-mile coarse packed in over 5,000′ of elevation and with the finish nestled at the top of a grade that peaked over 12%. Three racers did not finish, but the remaining 32 men and women soon found themselves scarfing down hot BBQ.

Dave sent over a selection of photos from the event, which I’ve posted in the Gallery. Also check out finishing times and stats below.

Neversink Invitational Results
1. Michael Boardman 3:27:50
2. Sean Smith 3:28:26
3. Jayson Jacobs 3:29:22
4. Jesse Walker 3:29:59
5. Evan Murphy 3:30:19
6. Daniel Chabanov 3:32:30
7. John Kniesly 3:33:58
8. Evan Cooper 3:35:32
9. Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens 3:37:03
10. James Horn 3:37:30

1. Michael Boardman 18 points
2. Neil Bezdek 16 points
3. Sean Smith 14 points

1. Brittlee Bowman 4:36:11
2. Jessica Meany 5:15:31

Most Combative 
Neil Bezdek
  • Justin

    the picture of the uphill with the guy looking back, been there, know that feeling! exhaustion with a sudden twinge of “OH SHIT! SPRINT, ITS THE END!”

  • Damn that looks like so much fun.