Rai’s 2004 Bianchi Concept Track

Rai loves Bianchi track bikes. After buying various models like his old RCD2 Pista and his 2006 Concept, all he really wanted was a black 2004 Concept. When Kyle from Tracko / GSC posted this frame for sale on his Instagram, Rai jumped on it, built it up with his parts and began riding it immediately. For dudes like Rai, the black Concept represents the track bike’s heyday in SF. It’s iconic and while this bike certainly has street cred, it is going to start seeing some time at Hellyer in the near future. Of course, he’ll have to replace his booted tire first… Check out more shots of Rai and his 2004 Bianchi Concept in the Gallery!

  • Jed

    Where do you find these people?

    • Ramon Jacquez


  • Colin Averill

    Someone PLEASE tell me what type of stem mounted computer that is! (oh cool bike too)

    • Garmin

    • Roger Chua

      looks like a garmin mount.

  • Jamie McKeon

    What Jeans are those? What Flannel is that?

  • Keris

    What is that rear hub?

    • Alan De Anda

      probably a chub hub no?

    • Wade Schultz

      Definitely a Chub Hub yes. However, with a LOW sticker appliqué?

  • John

    Bars look interesting. I’m not used to seeing them wrapped from the stem out.

    • Jack Lewis

      It works great only if you’re using a very firm tape like Fizik microtex, otherwise it’ll get messed up pretty quickly.

    • Ian Stone

      It looks a little cleaner since you don’t have to tape it down on the end.

  • gregg k.

    great bike, great documentation.
    what underwear is he wearing?

  • jacob

    what kind of bird feathers are those?

  • Guest

    Nice cockpit…and thats about it.

  • Peter Sagan

    2006 and a new shiny cockpit… lolz

    • You’re losing sprints Pete. Work harder.

      • Liam

        What the fuck. That has to be an imposter

        • Peter Sagan

          Talk to the bus fella’s

  • Nicko

    What’s that rear rim? Is the color effect handmade or is it sold like that ?

    Great build, I love it.