Rai’s Bianchi Concept

I’m in SF now and it’s only fitting that I post about a Bianchi Concept. I feel like these bikes gained popularity here on the hilly streets of the Mission, moreso than the track, where they were intended to be ridden. The last time I was here, I shot Rai’s RC D2 Pista. He was in search for a Concept at the time but couldn’t find one. A few weeks back, he bought this bike from Marc Marino to fund Marc’s Red Hook Crit and here it is, chilling in the alley outside of Mission Workshop.

Click the photo above to launch the Gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • so sexual

  • Rebel87


  • Eggbeaters x Omnium x LOW hub = one serious drivetrain

    holy crap

    • Geepus

       FYIl those are time pedals, and the rear hub is a chub hub just with a low sticker

      • Josh


      • Jake Ricker

        So good!

    • Guest


  • Guest

    The Mission isn’t hilly…

  • sl4m

    Can anyone tell me where I get those secure nuts?

    • Guest

      gotta be born wit em

    • ZianStudios

       I’d also like to know…

    • Good eye. But why does he have a quick release on the front?

  • albertjque

    Didn’t rai just get a lo pro?

  • Guest

    woah cool cant wait to buy one myself is this a fixed geared bike dope

  • somewhat related, does everyone have a fucking miserable time with bearings on their chub hubs?

    i have the front and rear and its a nightmare on a work bike.