My Icarus Is Now Complete

My Icarus Viking MAX track bike was incapacitated for a few months while the fork sat en queue at Fresh Frame. After a lot of surface rust started to form around the shorelines, I felt it best to just get it painted, if anything, for the longevity of the bike. Since this bike has one of the uber-rare Chris King stainless steel headsets, I got Bryan Myers from Fresh Frame to polish the stainless crown to match and he even added a little bit of wood inlay in the lug window. I have to admit, I wasn’t completely stoked on the wood inlay but It’s growing on me.

This bike has proven to be one of my favorites in the stable and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a classic track bike with some very unique detailing…

  • Felipe Valencia

    Just perfect!

  • hans

    is the inlay walnut? looks very sweet John

    • No idea…

    • Tommy Barse

      The wood is purpleheart.

  • much better than with the original fork!

  • s13vin4t0r

    I’m not even jealous- I’m just happy that this beautiful bike even exists!

    You must have a whole room full of bikes somewhere.

  • woof jakarta

    TO THE MAX!!!

  • Noel Smith

    What an enviable stable you have! Like the look of the new Geekhouse, did that ‘Ride the Divide’ Stinner have any influence on the choice of colour? and what makes the SteelSet headset “uber-rare”? Isn’t it readily available, what am I missing?

    • It’s not the SteelSet… It’s a stainless NoThreadSet. Steelset sits deeper in your HT and is etched with the King logo. They only make a few stainless NoThreadSets. Most go on show bikes. This is one of those. The logo is engraved too, not etched.

      I had picked out this color when I placed my order months before Ty’s Stinner, just wanted something, um… less purple? ;-)

      • Noel Smith

        Aha.. I stand corrected x2. Perks of blog-stardom..

  • Jake

    Love your galleries – any chance you’d be willing to share which slideshow plugin you work with?

  • ckamp

    Looks MAXTASTIC!

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s a sweet ride. There’s a lot of really nice little details and polishing the crown was a masterstroke.

  • This bike is perfection. But, if I’m picky, you should polish the top of your steerer tube. I painted mine, because I’m completely anal.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    old saddle went to the Geekhouse Crossbike?

  • love this bike

  • thebigkick

    Please talk about the stem.

  • DominicBruysPorter

    This is THE world’s prettiest bike. Should i not say that?