MMC’s Factory 5 Low Pro Track

As I ease back into normal blog content, I’ll be posting some of the bikes that the dudes rode on our bike tour. The first of the bunch is owned by one of the most famous track bike riders in China, MMC. The story goes that MMC was one of the first people in Shanghai to really embrace track bikes. When he wasn’t tearing through the streets, he was scouring the internet for deals on vintage Italian and Japanese components and frames.

Once he started working for Factory 5, the guys made sure he was on one of their new prototype aluminum low pro track frames. These frames look great with their classic lines, true track geometry and a 1″ threaded fork mixed in with oversized and shaped tubing. This particular frame is the third prototype. Many changes will be made for the final production model.

You can build them out however you want (you’ll see more examples). MMC usually rides his Zipp 404 laced to gutted Novatek hubs (upgraded to titanium bits and ceramic bearings) but we put the HED3 on for the photo shoot. Even his cranks are balleur. Campy C-Record Pista with a custom manufactured carbon chainring. He literally contacted a local factory to make it for him (53 x 18).

It’s a slick bike and he rode it like a champ on our tour. It really has one of the meanest stances I’ve seen recently in a track bike… Check out Factory 5’s current frame offerings here.

  • thing looks fast!

  • Chris

    Killer setup, what pedals are those?

    • They look like older/thrashed spds, probably just some 520’s

  • Why do so many folks set their bullhorns up angled down? The only situation that even borders on practical is on a cat 1 grade. Oh yeah, because fixed gear.

    • If you used bullhorns you’d know… And then you would not be making such a stupid comment.

      • Fabian Garcia


        • I don’t think this is such a stupid comment…

      • I’ve ridden thousands of miles on an RB-021. Have you ever seen a time trial bike with its handlebars not parallel with or slightly angled up from the ground? Angling the bar away from the body is the opposite of ergonomic.

        • You’re right (sorry Jake) but also pointing out things like that is a little too Bike Forums circa 2006.

  • What bars are these? Looking mean!

  • Benotto! dope

  • Fuck!
    This thing is so sick!

  • Fabian Garcia

    DAT chainring!

  • jormungandr

    That sure is an ugly bike. Circa 2006 maybe?

  • wow, i never have seen a chain pin replaced with a screwbolt… (pic #1)

  • ok, where do i get those stickers?

  • Milo Amsbury-Savage

    What seatpost is that?

  • dylan

    what are those bars???? they look siiiickkk

  • soidy

    what are those bars? thanks!