Dosnoventa: We Were Never Born Mar 4, 2013

I always enjoy the videos coming out of Dosnoventa!

  • Sau Hsu

    fixed gear bicycles – the afterthought of nature vibes and motorcycles.

    • I really enjoyed the vibe of this video.I know you guys may hate me for saying this, but there’s more to life than just bikes. Dudes seemed to have it down right. Chicks, Motorcycles, Fun with your homies, and then the catalyst that brought you all together… BIKES.

  • johnston666

    Because… they make you laugh till you have tears in your eyes, because you can’t believe they looked at this film and said “Yes, this is a good representation of what Dosnoventa is about”

    It sucks. A lot.

  • First time using an axe beardy?

    But, at least they’re enjoying themselves.

    • Eric Dahl

       An axe is a simple tool, and an incredibly simple way to lose some toes.

  • That was awesome. You crybabies need to lighten up.

  • zachary wright

    Dosnoventa could have used the money they spent on this to sponsor a rider who wont get dropped out of the pack at RHC. For a company who makes track bikes that might appeal to the more serious rider this looks pretty gimmicky. I have no doubts that they make nice bikes but doing things like this makes them look like a recent art school graduates kickstarter project. And as far as Lacoste being involved? Don’t forget what FBM said

    • internetcommentator

      seconded. really enjoyed the Dosnoventa Runs NYC vid but this…. and their Instagram really come off as nouveau riche. upside-down Hed3 crosses for the loss. make a real kit, sponsor a real rider and cut the trendy nonsense. 

      • Harry Major

        I enojyed this video alot. 
        Having worked in the niche and not so niche side of the bike industry all my adult life, I can tell you that sponsoring a “real rider” does very little for most bicycle companies as most don’t have the resources or time to capitalise on them. 

        Creating new content for the world is both admirable and effective. And the more people talk about it the more effective it is. 

        • Also, it’s a video shot for Lacoste… a fashion label. So it’s to be taken as such: fashion.

          • internetcommentator

            if i read this correctly, you’re endorsing big corporations like Lacoste, with zero ties to cycling culture / the cycling industry, throwing money at something like this strictly for their own benefit, and we’re not allowed to analyze it critically / question it’s authenticity. 

            I guess we should all give Dosnoventa a round of applause for their cash grab and big budget vimeo moves. lols. apologies that some of us aren’t gonna go that route, and I hardly think we should catch flack for calling a spade a spade. 

          • If I read this correctly, you’re trying too hard.

          • dimidi

             To my eyes Mr. Watson Dosnoventa are trying too hard…

    • You got too worked up over a video. on. the. internet. Also, don’t throw the FBM post back at me in some snide, back-handed way. Mind your manners. People get so tossed up about shit like this. You need to relax.

    • Harry Major

      I think you don’t really understand what the point of the FBM statement is or who its aimed at. 

  • AdamEldridge

    One vote for a Lacoste mascot at RHC!!

  • never read the comments

  • So they made a commercial aimed at casual riders not just racers.  It’s a good business move and I liked the video too.
    Bikes are for more than just racing, you can just have a good old time too.

    • zachary wright

      It’s not really a good business move considering their least expensive track frameset cost over $1000 and their cross frameset is over $3000. I don’t think a whole lot of “casual riders” are gonna be dropping that kind of dough no matter how cool their commercial looks. A good business move would have been to send John Prolly a cross frameset to review so everyone would get to at least see some details of their products. Also, then everyone could just argue about Prolly’s cockpit setup instead of the merits of bicycle marketing. 

  • maung bodas

    Jesus+Captain Jack Sparrow=The dosnoventa dude with the long hair.

    “spanish hipsters at their best,
    loving the sofa session with red wine.”

  • Asklionheart

    so no one noticed the v/o was from the Dharma Bums by Kerouac?
    This video was beautiful. from start to finish. when they hate, let em hate and watch the money pile up

  • Really liked these guys 2 years ago. Now it seems they’re losing the point…
    Waytoo into hipsteroid stuff 
    Ugly stuff

  • barrierhero

    oh god the butt hurt in this thread…….like john said its a fashion video not MASH…..go ride your bike 

  • dimidi

    Oh please Dosnoventa that fluo cyclocross looks like a jarring note in a vintage elegy..