A Thing of Beauty: Purple Anodized 44RN 144#47 Track Chainring Jan 22, 2013



Back when I did the Raidô contest, Aaron at 44RN made a few of these purple anodized 44RN 144#47 chainrings. I’ve been holding onto mine for well over a year, waiting on the perfect project to put it on. Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly acquiring parts for a new track bike build, more to come!

  • You know you’re a freaking tease, right? You know we are hoping there’s some fro sale when we see that pic, right?

  • Ian Stone

    Make sure to use a different GXP BB for the Omnomnoms. It sucks.

    • Chris Rodriguez

       how exactly? Ive been using mine for years in nyc and its still super smooth–

    • never, ever, ever had a problem with them and I used to do FGFS on mine all the time.

      • Ian Stone

        The stock one is super cheap and had a lot of extra resistance. I much prefer my CK one.

        • The original GXP design was horrid but the 2nd gen one (2011 and later) is vastly improved, spins really smooth. probably not as good as CK but what is…

    • dontcoast

      GXP on my road bike, not fancy but no problem

      I find they get contaminated with grime too quickly to be nice on mtn/cross bikes…

      but for road fixed it’s fine in all but the worst conditions

    • replaced mine with a black box. best upgrade

  • barrierhero

    i sense a FBM sword

  • Robert0321

    No Made-in-the-USA cranks?

  • I so wish I could get one of these chainrings.

    Reckon there’ll ever be another run?

  • Rex Lester

    what chainring bolts do you find have the best fit for your omniums, equipped with 44RN weaponry?

    • Vidal Valdez

      Same ones that come with the omniums.

  • Powder coated matt black omnium cranks would look badass with these rings.

  • Ahhhhh!!! this guy and his endless onslaught of epic builds! jesus, it never ends.. can’t wait to see it.