44RN 144#47 Raidô Contest Jan 23, 2012


In Elder Futhark, an Old Norwegian language, Raidô means ride or journey. This symbol, like all Nordic Runes may be inverted, rotated or Merkstave. Creating a Merkstave usually implies a negative meaning, not necessarily the opposite. The negative of ride or journey means struggle and we can all identify with that. These ups and downs are part of cycling.

44RN and PiNP are throwing a contest to give-away a limited edition 144#47 ring. I received three purple anodized track rings from Aaron and the winner of the contest will get their lucky hands on one.

The rules are simple:

-“Like” Prolly is Not Probably on Facebook.
-Upload a photo to Facebook that best represents the highs and lows of riding and tag it with Prolly is Not Probably.
-Make sure you have RAIDO in the photo’s description.
-You may also use Instagram and the hashtag #RAIDO but make sure we’re contacts so I can see it.
-Contest ends February 15th!

Aaron and I will judge these photos, giving the winner one of these sweet rings.

Check out the 144#47 purple ring below!



Now get out there and be creative. All formats are accepted, 35mm, cell phone, Instagram, digital, whatever!


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