Beautiful in Brown: The Rapha Leather Town Gloves and Old Rip Van Winkle 10

There are few things more beautiful in this world than fine leatherwork and a brand new bottle of straight Kentucky bourbon. When it comes to the latter, Old Rip Van Winkle is the most coveted and as for the leather, you can’t go wrong with the Rapha Leather Town Gloves. Both are coveted and will provide years of use if treated properly. This isn’t the first time I’ve highlighted cycling products with bourbon and it’s only the finest products that inspired the comparison.

The Rapha Leather Town gloves are exquisitely crafted from the finest Africa hair sheep. Now, I’ve never seen a hair sheep before but they apparently live in an hot and arid place, making their skin extremely tough but thin, perfect for gloves. As with all leather, you’ll want to care for them. When they get dirty or wet, clean them off and let them dry. Then, a simple wipe down with leather conditioner helps keep the leather supple.

Warmth is key in the winter months and no matter how nice gloves look, they have to keep you warm. I’ve found them to be perfect for 40 degrees and up, as is. For sub 40 degree weather, the Ibex merino wool liners keeps your extremities warm. Since it doesn’t get that cold too often in Texas, I’ve only had to wear the liners a couple of times.

And even for the coldest rides, coming home to a glass of Van Winkle 10 year is a sure way to warm you up. The aroma of a fine bourbon such as this will compliment the leather. Simple open the bottle to be greeted with a warm scent of caramel and charred oak wood. At 107 proof, it should be sipped neat, with no ice. If you prefer your bourbon cold, drink it outdoors. The Rapha Leather Town Gloves will keep your hands warm enough!

  • “There are few things more beautiful in this world than fine leatherwork and a brand new bottle of straight Kentucky bourbon.” God damn that is a great sentence.

  • They finally got the graphic designer they’ve needed for years.  A+

    • The 10 year has looked like this since I can remember. 

      • I guess I’ve only seen the other, taller bottles.  From the plastic twist off cap, it seems like this might be the most affordable of the offerings?

        • This one’s $70. Totally affordable. Especially compared to Blanton’s. It’s also the higher proof of the under $100 bottles.

  • leo löwe

    brand barker

    • Great observation! I admire fine products.

      • Ian Stone

        I like nice things.

  • buttertruth

    So how many animals had to die?

    • Pushing veganism on non-vegans is lame.

      • buttertruth

        whatever you need to say to justify your bullshit.

        • I’m gonna eat a burger for you tonight, bro.

  • r s

    Don’t hide the family reserve…we know you got it. 

    • No way. I ain’t spending $200 on a bottle. Besides, the 12 year is my favorite.

      • My 12 year is coming on Friday. I’ll be mad about plenty of things if the world ends before then but damnit will I be mad if I don’t get a sip of that delicious bourbon.

      • r s

        I had some at North 45* Pub in Portland. It worth a stop, next trip to Portland.

  • I’ve sticked with “Maker’s Mark” for a while but i’m willing to convert to something different….

  • mamaprolly

    I LOVE my Rapha gloves!

  • Are they really 4 times better than these American-made beauties?

    • Those are the jam. I should do a follow up with Fighting Cock bourbon. The $16 bad idea in a bottle!

      • Jordan Freymiller

        Bad idea in a bottle!?!
        nothing bad about a $16 103 proof bourbon that makes a great pint glass cocktail. 
        and, at least for me, you don’t get a hangover 

        • Yeah, I’m talking chugging the bottle in under two hours. haha

  • Harry Shaud

    The first sentance was straight Ron Swanson. Towards the end it got a little J. Peterman. Still, Id sip those gloves and wear the shit outta that hooch!

  • “Both are coveted and will provide years of use if treated properly.”

    • Wtf what? I have a bottle that’s lasted me over a year. Sip it once and a while. Gloves will last a long time if conditioned properly.
      Was that not transparent or are you just looking for stuff to complain about?

  • never had the hooch, but i love the gloves. kinda happened into a deal on mine or i’d never have bought them (they’re stupid expensive). i’ve got the black ones though, so my wife calls ’em my “dexter gloves” and my ride mates always ask if i’ve repurposed driving gloves.