Shawn’s Ruckus Single Speed Cross

So now that we’ve seen what Ruckus’ shop looks like, how about a look at one of the frames that Shawn from Ruckus has built.  This is his own single speed cross bike, laced with a rather healthy component group, a sick paint job and some of those Ruckus vibes. I love the tag line on the downtube, the painted ENVE components and the cross bash guard. You don’t see a whole lotta flat bar monster cross bikes but when you do, they’re drool-worthy.

  • xboty! 

    • The Real Greg R

      Dude get off me.

  • Johnny Burrell

    I bet that is one light bike.  Any idea what it weigh’s?  

    • it doesn’t

    • Shawn Small

      it wasn’t exactly built with weight in mind per se, mainly I needed something that could (and already did) crash into a CX barrier at 20 mph and come out fine. But with clinchers on it, it’s’ right at the 15 lb mark.

      • SHAWN’S OK!!

      • bbqross

        wow, what a build Shawn. Some sexy lines. 

  • TomBremer

    Whats that saddle?

    • Luke

      Tioga Spyder, I believe.

  • ZianStudios

     this looks amazingly fun to ride

  • Trackosaurusrex

    That is definitely not a cross bike!

    • tim

      agreed. but it is a nice hybrid :)

      • diediedie

         fuck it ive seen a lot of people race flat bar these days

  • Thebikelab

    Nice 29er.. as hot as this is, would be hotter with drops and SRAM levers (faster too).

  • the f man

    i like it a lot. ssp flat bar cross bikes with disc are where it’s at

  • Apidae

    Egg Beaters FTW!

  • guest

    Barely clearing a michelin mud does not mean monster cross 

  • Eshawks

    sick build! geometry looks so relaxed compared to my mountain bike….!

  • Scmalex619
  • Guest

    I dont get why you would use cable disks on a flat bar bike. For something that is made up to be sexy. A nice set of formula brakes or something would really set it up! Also really not much mud clearance……. 

    • Jerrybowles6

      The mechanical brakes are easier to work on. Also there really wouldnt be any advantage to having hydraulic brakes on a bike like this.

    • Not to mention that if you were to crash and snap a lever, a simple cable switch would put you back in the game. You’re a dingus.

  • Dickhouse

    It’s using a BEER Components EBB I assume? Or magic gear?  Sweet build!

  • Nvrrrmnd

    Frames size? Anyone knows a page where the dimensions are? I would like to.take a look…

    • Probably a 56. BB is a tad lower than a typical cross.

  • Boogie

    Yikes! That is sick…

  • Richard Ceccanti

    eccentric bb? eccentric rear hub? a lot of luck in picking the right gear ratio? how does the chain get tensioned? it’s a banger.

  • mtnsicl

    Hey Shawn,
    Want to sell that?