Jake Ricker: Crihs at CMWC Track Day Aug 19, 2012

Photo by Jake Ricker

If this photo looks strange to you, it’s because Crihs is going against the number one rule of track cycling: let the people in front do all the work. Dude, what are you doing!? Whatever got intio Crihs’ head worked for him that day, as he landed on the podium for a few events. See more of Jake’s photos here, at his Flickr.

  • Rule number one is for those who can’t unleash the beast.

  • judging by the gap, he’s not doing any work for anyone else.  just laying down the hammer.

  • crihs

    I guess you have never raced the track competitively. Its called gambling bro.

    • I did race at Kissena actually… and I’ve seen you do this every time and it doesn’t work out!

      • ZianStudios