Fairdale: Taj and the Coaster Aug 9, 2012

The whole new Fairdale line is really nice. Taj has done a great job designing and marketing his brand. Let’s take a look at the Coaster, the new single-speed coaster brake model.

  • Fergrey123

    Why do you fixy guys ride frames that are too big for yo ?

    • the fact that you call this bike a “fixy” leads me to believe you don’t know about bike fitting to begin with.

    • Why do you ask questions with horrible spelling and grammar? 

    • Alan

       Big frames are good riding track bikes on the street. The increased size give the frame more strength. This strength then leads to increased power allowing the rider to climb hills easier. Also bigger frames make tricking easier as the increased distribution of weight increases the torque needed to do rotations.

      • Aone

        Are u kidding me? Big size equals easier tricks? Easier climbing? Thot its all in the gear n fitting. The concept of fgfs fun is a good noble one, but this whole fgfs bike geometry thing needs to be totally reconsidered. Seriously. It just feel not right visually & seeing the execution of them tricks. Ahhhh… In the meantime, lets all have fun riding a bike.

    • Harry

      This is what I hate about most roadies I come across…They take one look at a bike and think they know the riders’ life story. Fuck off with your elitism, sir.

  • I saw an ad in the latest TWS for Fairdale w/ the skate rack!

  • Kinda want to flip one of these into a bad weather/snow bike.  They say you can squeeze 38s in there, so you could definitely rock some studded jawns.

  • damn, I’ve been itching to convert my track bike into a basket bike w/ a coaster brake. Seeing this just solidified that.

  • crihs

    … and it starts. Yall two years late. Time to move on to the next cool thing.

    • Chris, do you know who the guy talking is?…

  • Tim

    the next cool thing being “cyber panhandling”???