Radar Roundup: Insane Speedvagen Sale, Win a Radavist Sklar Bike, Esker Singlespeed Builds, Ibex Sun Hoodie, Do Wheels Have to Be Round?, and No Summit in Sight


Radar Roundup: Insane Speedvagen Sale, Win a Radavist Sklar Bike, Esker Singlespeed Builds, Ibex Sun Hoodie, Do Wheels Have to Be Round?, and No Summit in Sight

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Speedvagen Garage Sale

Speedvagen has unearthed some new old stock steel.

Recently Speedvagen moved its shop, and in doing so, they unearthed some raw frames from our warehouse. Included are everything from Ready Made Urban Recer frames, GTFOs, rim brake road bikes, and a few custom frames. Mostly steel and a few titanium!  As they don’t want these hanging out to be forgotten about again in the warehouse, they are ready to let them go for some pretty dang amazing prices.

The Paint Program.

To prevent a paint shop bottleneck, they are offering these in only one paint option. Any frames listed below can be finished with a one-color SV Scheme in the SV heritage colors or the brand’s new 2023 palette. This will be the frame cost plus $500 (Army, Gold, Pink, Lavender, Vanilla Blue, Alpers Blue). Simple, quick, timeless, beautiful.

The Frame Sets (all prices are OBO):

  • Urban Racer Frame set – Size Small Disc Fork MSRP $4000 Your Price $3000
  • Urban Racer Frame set – Medium (Coaster Only) MSRP $4000 Your Price $2800
  • Urban Racer Frame set – Medium (Coaster Only) MSRP $4000 Your Price $2800
  • Urban Racer Frame set – Large (Coaster Only) MSRP $4000 Your Price $2800
  • GTFO V1.0 Medium (shorter top tube) (Geared or Single Speed)MSRP $4500 Your Price $3250
  • GTFO V2.0 Medium (Geared) MSRP $4500 Your Price $3500
  • GTFO V2.0 Small (Geared or Single Speed) MSRP $4500 Your Price $3500
  • Rim Road Side 50 – MSRP $5000 Your Price $3300
  • Rim Road Size 54 – MSRP $5000 Your Price $3300
  • Rim Road Carbon Seat Tube 56 – MSRP $5850 Your Price $3750
  • Custom Titanium Disc Road 54cm – MSRP $7600 Your Price $5500
  • Custom Titanium Disc Road size 58 super aggressive race fit – MSRP $7600 Your Price $5500

Finally they have a few completes as well:

  • Pool Party Show Bike, single speed size 58cm $7500
  • Down Tube Shifter Surprise Me Road Show Bike Size 58cm $8000
  • GTFO Size Medium, flat bar single speed. $4000
  • Original White Urban Racer Size Size 56cm nearly flawless $4000

Call dibs by emailing first!

Finally, to reserve a frame, Speedvagen will be working in the order that emails come in; you want the 50cm Rim Road email Richard here. The shop will do a size assessment, and if it’s a bingo, you have dibs and are on your way to a new frame.

You Can Win a Radavist x Sklar Super Something Of Your Choice

After over a year in the making, we launched our Radavist Edition Sklar Super Something frames in mid-May. To help fan the flames of stoke for our readership, TPC is offering one up to a lucky winner! All you’ve got to do is enter your email at the Sklar Super Something landing page to sign up! It’s that easy!

Esker Announces Singlespeed Hayduke and Japhy Builds $2,850

While the builds aren’t as blingy as Locke’s Hayduke, this is exciting news for riders who want to try out one of Esker’s exceptional hardtails at a lower complete build option: singlespeed. That’s right, Esker now offers both the Hayduke and the Japhy in singlespeed builds. Simply go to the model pages and select “Singlespeed” under the build kit offerings, which come in at $2,850 for both models.

See our Esker reviews here:

… and check out the new singlespeed Japhy and Hayduke at Esker.

Ibex’s Lightweight Sun Hoodies $145

Since John got diagnosed with skin cancer last year, he’s been cautious about UV exposure, and while everyone might not live at 7,000′, the sun can damage you while you’re out riding all day. He’s been testing out several sun hoodies from many outdoor brands and has landed on a favorite: the Ibex Sun Hoodie.

These ultralight hoodies can be worn under or over your helmet to keep the sun off your neck and ears, feature thumb loops, and are made from a blend of merino wool and Tencel which means they won’t stink like death after a long day out, will wick moisture–even in the driest of climates, is fast drying, and more durable than traditional merino tops.

Check out the Sun Hoodie for men and women at Ibex.




Who Said Wheels Have to Be Round?

Sometimes things are just so weird that we have to share them…



No Summit In Sight

Nepal’s mysterious and undeniable beauty instantly hits you – flying across its majestic valleys and ridiculously huge mountain ranges, landing in the middle of a stunning ancient culture. For MTB-adventurer/artist Tito Tomasi, Nepal had peaked his must-see list for a long time, and it was time for some action…




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

We’re constantly wrapped up in the pursuit of the latest and greatest but the Speedvagen sale made us reflect back on some of the content John has made for the brand over the years. Check out a fine selection of dub plate content below in our Related columns.

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