Ty’s Hufnagel Cross

Ty from Golden Saddle Cyclery loves cross. He lives for it. All year he trains and diets strictly for the radness. He even turned vegan to eat healthier. I don’t understand all that but his new Hufnagel cross bike looks like serious business. After Ty rode the 2012 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race, I took his bike for some lens love. I didn’t want to bring it back after pedaling over to a spot in the woods for photos…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Hans

    oh man, sweet bike Ty, can’t wait to see it in person. love the color. good photos too John.

  • Jonathan Buck

    Um…anyone else see that STEM?!!!! Nice.

    • Yeah, WHAT IS UP with that stem?!?! :D~

      •  Drilling through a Thomson would hurt my soul…

        • Werdna

          Drilling a Thomson would hurt my face when it inevitably broke.

  • What hoops is he using? They look really wide and stout. 

    • Ty

      Rims are from iRT hand built to the Chris King hubs.

  • Thebikelab

    Nice RD cable routing, not sure I’ve ever seen that before.

  • Misfits saddle bag!

    • Ramblin Roll!

      • iStone

         One of these days I’ll have one…

  • Man, there’s almost nothing to that bike. So nice and clean.

  • how do oyu make it stand up when you make photos?

    • lol

      • what brand stick do you use?

        • Lmwong

          Adobe. Ha ha, nice!

    • Ancient Arrakis Youth

      you three suck, slammed stems with drilled through cables are the shit !!

  • Trackosaurusrex

    Two words…color balance!

  • HUFNASTY!  Lurv me some Hufnagel!

  • Brad Harder

    I like the chainstays. Curious about the forks… details?

  • Tyler roham

    Is he using the Time Carbon XS Titanium or regular XS pedals? 

  • ZianStudios

    Vegan to be healthier? Lol I’ll never understand American eating habits

  • RANE

    What tires are those?! They look perfect for dirt roads…

  • iStone

    What seat is that?

  • TimothyFrank

    Not bad for an ape!

  • This is still my favorite bike you have shot. So clean.