Juan’s GTB Track

If you’ve spent any time in LA, chances are you’ve met the owner of this bike. Juan is always at every hang out, with a 12 pack of Tecate and a big smile on his face. One afternoon at GSC, he was putting on his new Wound Up fork, so I took it out for some lens love.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Sean Martin

    Saddle Angle….

    • Jimmy Vivino

      Is fine…

      • Sean Martin

        making a joke… I DGAF about Juan’s addle angle. John gets it.

        • Sean Martin


  • gertron4000

    damn nigga…

  • Beaver


  • Otg

    Anyone know what bar are those?

    • Doctor_Jones_

      probably FSA COMPACT PRO’s or something comparable. They are just compact road drops. Check the 3t Ergonova’s too. The 3t’s have a flat top and the FSA’s don’t.

    • Eric Baumann

      FSA makes both round (PRO COMPACT) and wing shape (WING PRO COMPACT) compact road drops, these are definitely one of the two…a little hard to tell from the photos but my money is on wing pro’s.

      • Eric Baumann

        Actually, my mistake, round ones are OMEGA compact, wing shape is Wing pro compact.

  • Manuel

    Very rarely do different color seatposts and stems look good, but this works. I gotta say this is very close to how I’d build up my own dream bike. Oh, anyone know what hubs those are, I think they’re all city’s, but I’m not sure.

    • Eric Baumann

      all city “sheriff stars,” yep, nice hub for the $$.

  • Jack

    Hawt! Imagine how nice it’d look with smooth welds though, especially around the triple triangle.

  • MT*

    Beautiful is pushing it…let’s be honest..oh yea.upside down incorrect headset installs are the new spd pedals on the “streets”.?..I mean you didn’t notice that during the fork “upgrade”……John…open your eyes..your a label whore..haha..all about the details…you didn’t notice that as your taking photos and drinking beer?.stop getting drunk and showcasing mediocre bikes as beautiful…I mean yea..it’s a older mass produced frame w/some ok stuff on it..the guy himself is probably real nice…..don’t blow smoke up the guys ass and tell him it’s foggy out…he thinks he’s doing it right at the “events”.

    • Jormungandr

      LOL somebody’s tryin to troll an obvious troll

      • Guest

        well, this jawn is definitely not beautiful. im sure juan is a nice guy that enjoys riding it.

    • If you ever left the east coast your horizons would widen…

      • MT*

        Well..if your telling me the HUFNAGEL bike is “beautiful” and then the GT is “beautiful” I would suggest narrowing your horizons…because one is a crafted machine and one is not…..*know offense

        • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different strokes… etc

    • … And I don’t drink beer – only bourbon…

  • Slamthatstem

    fat man has no flexibility. 

  • The bike is rad as fuck…..buuuuuuuuuuut……the bars look stupid. Maybe its just me but compact road bars on track bikes kinda look stupid. They look just too small. I love road drops on track bikes dont get me wrong but I just cant like compact ones. Rad build nonetheless. I am officially jealous. 

    • Guest

      compact road bars on big frames is the issue.