50th Anniversary Paramount Track

The customers and their bikes that walk in and out of Golden Saddle Cyclery amaze me. One minute, a custom Moots, the next, an Indy Fab cross bike. It never really gets old but you quickly adapt to seeing Beautiful Bicycles everywhere you look. Then a gem like this rolls into the doorway. A 50th Anniversary Schwinn Paramount track. These frames were made at the Waterford facilities in the late 80’s and it shows. The finely-crafted lugwork, anniversary logos and bright jade paint make this track frame one Beautiful Bicycle. I took it outside, in the last moments of sunlight and tried to capture all these details.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • I love bikes like this – mash up of personal preference and style rather than adhering to some aesthetic. And that blue is fucking gorgeous.

    • Thrust

      The purist in me is cringing. 

      • Hpizzle

        Cring all you want… Ur not riding this…

  • Bone

    love the wound up fork!

  • Anna

    50th Anniversary.  Check the headtube decal.

    • Yeah, I was still half asleep when I wrote the post early this morning.

  • Anna

    Also, all the 50th Anniversary frames were all made at the Waterford factory in Wisconsin, not Japan.

    • I’m just going off what Kyle told me. Not everyone’s from the Schwinn blood line… ;-)

  • sp77

    Beautiful bike! Also, not to sound like a doob, but what is the little silver item in the top tube?

    • protector. keeps drop bars from denting the top tube.  not really needed with bullhorns, which look like they clear the top of the tube.

      • HPizzle

        Listen to yourself G. ” looks like”, you havent even seen the bike in person. Just to let you know the bullhorns DO hit the top tube. I wouldn’t have gotten it if I didn’t need it. But obviously you wouldn’t know seeing that your assumption is completely wrong.

  • Ponder This

    What a hodge podged fantastic bike, so random in color and tastes. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Good or bad, it’s deffinatley random

    • HPizzle

      Take a closer look. There’s always a method to ones madness. Nothing is ever really random. To you, maybe.

  • Reen

    what kind of fork is that? 

  • Wilis

    Thought this was a Jake Ricker build first glance! Purist might sneer but fuck em

    • HPizzle

      I could agree more. Who waist time critiquing other people bike. If your not the owner of the bike, let alone riding the thing. Should anything really matter. Haters are always tryin to make a divide instead appreciating the uniqueness in a individual’s bike. Every bike is different just like their owners.

  • Estebangallegos11

    that wrap job..

  • Cant even put bar tape on right ha.

    • HPizzle

      That’s so funny how the hater in you noticed the detail of the handle bar wrap tap job. Not best but it works…maybe I’ll pay you next time to redo them for me if I let you. The tapes been on for a few years so I might let you do if I’m up to it.
      Fuckin bike snob!!!

  • Farts

    lol at the dude defending this hipstermobile in the comments. get a big boy bike

    • Lapndesign

      No big boy bike needed… I’m happy here wit what I got. The only thing I’m wondering at this point is, if you never seen me in person before who the fuck do you believe me to be? Don’t get slapped like I do all my other bitches. Ive been rippin through the dirty streets of L.A. for the past 6 years. What’s your fat ass been doin? I wish you were in L.a. so I could run into you on the streets

  • Tracksloth

    Look at the owner getting defensive and pecking at all comments. Take a breath. Take a ride.

    • hey, the internet can be a shitty place. I still get defensive every day!

    • Lapndesign

      I take pride in my ride… I defend what’s mine. I’m sure your bike isn’t even worth mentioning. Let’s see here, who’s bike made it on this blog and who’s didn’t?… Yeah I’ll chill out and go for a ride. I have to ride home after I leave your moms house anyways. She may be too old to ride a bike but she sure hasn’t forgot how to ride my rod.