AMGEN Tour of California #ATOC: Stage 05 – Bakersfield

After four grueling days of stage racing, the AMGEN Tour of California found its way into Bakersfield. After a late night, we woke up at 5am and embarked on a local’s loop. Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than waking up to a hammerfest out to the foothills.

We were done before the temperatures spiked into the 90’s and tallied up 60 miles with about 3,800′ of climbing. After a quick shower, the Rapha sprinter van and Mobile Cycling Club headed over to the ATOC TT where the crowds stuck to the shade and the sun beat down on the racers and spectators. Seriously, it was hot!

Once again, I found myself in a team car, this time following Chris Jones of UnitedHealthcare. Chris had the unfortunate experience of wrecking on the first day, sending him to the hospital for 20 stitches after a spoke lacerated his leg. But this didn’t stop him from continuing the tour and today, his perseverance was evident as he tore through the time trial course.

Once the day had ended, we headed further south to Palmdale. While en route, we ended up driving through a massive windfarm…

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  • Chris L

    Taking polaroids with the Hassy…

    • Victor_Tvrdy

      is that a 150mm? what a setup…

  •  whats going on with 72

    • There’s a reflective metal at the bottom of the Speedplay cleat for some reason.

      • was doing my head in trying to figure it out.

  • I was wondering the same thing…clone stamp? 

  • Mattlreeve

    I want to do shit like this.  Must be the life…aka livin’ the dream.

  • Mattlreeve

    I want to do shit like this.  Must be the life…aka livin’ the dream.

  • rdrey

     Really great stuff man.  I’m loving the diversity of the photos you’re taking!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Absolutely loving the mix of pro “behind the scenes”, local lifestyle/color and sports action. Please keep up the amazing work. 

    I’ll be up at the Baldy KOM and the Golden Saddle Cycles brunch. I’ll say “hi” if I see you. 

  • Awesome.