AMGEN Tour of California #ATOC: Stage 04 – Sonora

Yesterday was a hot one. As we’re moving south with the AMGEN Tour of California the temperatures are rising. We spent the night in Sonora and woke up to the start of the race. After the group took off, we loaded the sprinter van up and headed to the finish. Driving through the California farmland was beautiful.

At the finish, we were greeted with the quaint town of Clovis for the finish. As expected, Peter Sagan seized another victory…

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  • AJ Tendick

    Any idea who made the Republic of California grip tape?

    • AJ Tendick

      Scratch that, google owns. Special Specialized wide tape that looks to be available in very limited amounts starting next month.

      • Zfree

        its available on their online store. S-Wrap Roubaix Wide California $40 USD get it!

    • Specialized… looks like you an buy it online already at their site.

    • Specialized

  • crihs

    wasssup? (#47)

  • sygyzy

    Who are all the girls wearing Rapha gear? Fans or staff?

  • 1.) awesome cali-bartape
    2.) LOVE the RNT US-champ jersey
    3.) no idea who the blonde podium girl is, but i would ask her for an autograph, too (see pic 29) :)

  • zpro

    these are all so good!

  • I didn’t know you came to the finish in Clovis Prolly. It would have been nice to talk bikes with you! The stage 4 finish was epic. Video cannot capture how fast all those riders were going in real life. Peter Sagan is killing it.

  • Another excellent set. Someone get this dude on a plane to shoot the culture side of the TDF!

  • #31 THE dude!

  • Marco

    nice calves #23. i’m gonna guess she has a few other bikes as well…

    Love this set of pix

  • Great shots.  It was an awesome surprise to meet you in my hometown!

    • You bet! It was one of my favorite stops!