AMGEN Tour of California #ATOC: Stage 03 – San Jose

After only shooting the start of the AMGEN Tour of California yesterday, today I was glad to be out on the course. My good friend Jeremy Dunn ensured that I got to ride in one of the SRAM support vehicles. We were in a caravan of about 20 cars, as the peloton chased down the break through the mountains. The biggest prick on the elevation map was Mt. Diablo and as the temperatures rose throughout the day, it was surely hell for the racers.

While I didn’t have the chance to hop out of the car and frame any shots, the audience and super fans provided more than enough entertainment as we drove through some of the most beautiful countryside California has to offer. Oh and descending in a team car is something else. Wow.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • zhcr
  • go the boys from greenedge!

  • Flatbush Gil

    Nice shots. You nailed the pic of George.

  • Chris L

    Is that bar tape for real?

  • Geo

    Damn your photos just keep getting better and better!

  • Wonderful photos, as always. Must be pretty thrilling!

  • So good!  Awesome stuff man

  • chris king tamper is insane!

  • Amazing coverage John. Keep it coming

  • descending shots really grab it.
    #102 in the mix of cars is spectacular

  • Alan

    i need the bar tape on 15. what is it?

    • Chris

      I think that is Deda bar tape.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Some gorgeous shots. 
    LOL’ed at the accidental (?) sequence of the Omega-Pharma rider’s bio-break, 63-65.

  • MamaProlly

    Love the pics. . . .you really capture the excitement and enthusiasm.  xxoo to you!

  • #35 Yoga Pants – Golf Clap.

  • mike

    nice shot of Hincapie’s gross varicose veins 

  • Kevin

    So many ASS photos! haha!

  • dZa

    how can taylor phinney be in pic 91 when hes in italy?!?

  • Rapha picked up your photos for their story, as I’m sure you know. Good stuff!

    • Dude, I’m here to shoot for their stories! (and my blog)


  • Nice work, some great shots

  • guesto

    this cinelli is much better than the hilariously bad one from the other stage.

  • marcmarino

    Tell me that’s Steve Palez in the Mikes Bikes kit with the Darth Vader mask.

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