The Boy Who Cried Checkpoint

I’m always amazed how how many people are still into alleycats, especially in NYC. One morning, I was finishing up my coffee when this kid came flying up the sidewalk yelling “CHECKPOINT??!??!?!” “CHECKPOOOOINNNT!!!!!!”. I’d seen this happen before. It’s so sad. He was lost during a race. Brooklyn’s far from a difficult city to navigate, so I went over to ask if I could help. He replied that he saw an alleycat on Twitter and that the manifest was posted with the #fixiefamous hashtag. I didn’t have anything going on that day, so I agreed to follow him around town, as we looked for these “checkpoints”. Part of me knew someone was just messing with the wide-eyed, tattoo’d, pink fixie kid….

The following is an epic poem, read the image captions for the story.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • brutalz666

    epic indeed

  • What a beautiful way of telling a story!

  • Torontocouriergirl

    Great story! Awesome shots.

  • Guest

    Amazing prolls, always upping the handlebar

  • that’s young marc…
    “Why bother with blowing red lights when you can wait in anticipation.” epic lines john…

  • How do you make all these amazing pictures? I always find that my camera is flying all over the place. Do you use some special strap? Also what lens do you use?

    • I have a massive rig that floats around my bike. Then I have four, 4lb weight stabilizers on my shoulders and neck. These ensure the camera is straight. My strap is actually like a big harness, that connects to the handlebars, counter-steering my torso movements. The lens is a magnesium sulfate-infused Canon 500mm f.0095 L RED series. It’s a prototype, painted orange. This is the only way to shoot and ride.

      dude, I just use a simple strap and shoot as I ride, it’s not rocket science. ;-)

  • guest

    Like a fucking childrens book.

  • Woof Jakarta

    Should start make a book now! :)

  • Jeff

    Nice work John!

  • Aaron M

    My all-time favorite post

  • awesome photos! photo-sets like this make me realize i shouldn’t be on the internet, i should be riding.  which i am about to do. thanks prolly!  

    (i am curious, whats going on with the toe strap, clipless combination?)

    • He worships Chas.

      J/K, his buckle broke and so he uses a double strap.

      •  i wondered why i couldn’t figure out how the straps attached to the pedal.

  • “I’m always amazed how how many people are still into alleycats”.
    weird thing to be amazed by considering your blogs content.

    • Considering that they have died down considerably in NYC, when compared to 2006-2009, I’d say it’s not weird. Stoned Tone is really the ONLY dude throwing them now. And they’re much more ‘core’.

      • Msnger007

        the amount of alleycats and whoever throws them has and will always fluctuates.before tone someone threw them,after tone someone will throw them. thats how its been and always will be.victor still throws 3/4 of them a year.its more than a fad.

  • oh yeah! this is cool! i miss shooting photos while riding

  • zeeeeeee

    nice photos, nice story!
    expect nothing less

  • Lamour

    you should start big bros of lost alley cats all across America

  • julian Somosi


    why am I laughing 

  • Guest

    guy’s such a cliché

  • is TIME MTB pedal is really that good compared to road pedal?

  • maung bodas