#FixieFamous Hern and Steve’s Cinelli Mash Histograms

I rolled up to Affinity yesterday and came across this site: Hern and Steve’s Cinelli Mash Histograms, 69’ing with each other on a parking meter. Everyone knows these two: they’re #FixieFamous. I feel like this year’s Red Hook Crit attendance is off the walls.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • What are the handlebars in pic 7?

    • random listener

      look up 3T they have similar bends

  • Cwong

    Sweet rear triangle in the background of pic 10! Want Moar.

  • crawpy

    would i be cooler if i lived in brooooklyn or is it ok that i like nature

    • Nature is a short ride away. These guys live in LA and SF…

  • Kyle C

    Fabric Horse in #11! Philadelphia represent.

  • Skrk415

    those are sime homo bikes bro!