Brooklyn Randomness

I woke up Sunday absolutely wrecked. One of the hardest things about coming to events like the RHC are all the hours spend partying until 4am. After I pulled myself together, I met up with Chas and we rolled to get some food, then over to Outlier. Chas has decided to give up food delivery for modeling and since he’s #fixiefamous, I think it’ll work out great. From there, we headed to Affinity where we were greeted by the DOSNOVENTA bicycle team from Barcelona. Sure enough Clary hopped on their carbon and aluminum bikes and put on a show. It’s crazy how fast a day can go by when you spend it fucking around in the street on expensive track bikes… Don’t forget to check out the “previously” links below if you haven’t already.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Dutchfixedgear

    Real nice pictures, John. You are sure you won’t move back to NYC?

  • anona

    didnt all those spaniards get lapped at the race?

  • alai

    Good shit!

    FYI, your “here” link is going to your Cinelli post.

  • And I was a few blocks away from Affinity most of Sunday afternoon.

    • I didn’t see your email till last night :-( Ben was there all day!

  • mama prolly

    Love these Brooklyn shots.  Hate the pottymouth.  Love you.

  • his fixed wheelies are just so balleur.

  • Andypancake
    • CSB ;-)

    • Andypancake

       I mean black bike… was color blind yesterday.

  • Dbido9887

     BROOKLYN, Home is where the heart is, Gotta get back to riding.