A Wheel Comes to Life

While Dan’s bike is ready to rip at the 2012 Red Hook Crit, JT’s wheels are still being built, or born, rather. Shawn from King Kog in Brooklyn has built many racing wheels in his day and JT knows exactly what he wants, well, most of the time. While Shawn was at work, I gave this process some lens love. It was like watching a chrysalis being formed…

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Kidd

    I’m interested to know why JT decided to go with DT Swiss RR415’s…weight?

    • Dontcoast

      Interested as well.
      21mm and 425g is pretty good, but Kinlin’s got a 20mm rim at 375g and 27mm rim at 445g.
      Mad acceleration with those wheels but not as aero as the crazy eastons A. Bradford will be riding.

      I love dura-ace track hubs!

      Wish RHC was streamed live.

  • alai

    Radial laced LF DA track hubs are the sex.