Paul Components, Burro Bags and Brooks

I’m always interested in seeing what the component and accessory crowd is like each year at NAHBS. When it comes to made in the USA parts, Paul Components have doing their thing in Chico, California since 1989. This year, their line had a few new additions, including their new assymetrical MiniMoto v-brakes. These are perfect for cross racers who may not want to run cantis. Another long-awaited product were their road hubs, which are now slated for summer orders. More information on those as events warrant.

Burro Bags returned for yet another year of mayhem. I am still amazed that other messenger bag brands don’t show up to NAHBS. But I doubt they’re complaining, because they cleaned shop. This year, the guys killed it with the release of their Grinder and a 6-pack carrying strap dubbed the Party Belt. Also on display were their new strap models, the Mudflaps and Santos Straps. When I needed an extra pocket to carry a lens around in, their Gordo hip bag proved to be the perfect size for my 24-70mm.

Over in the Brooks booth, there was quite a bit of attention being given to the 611 Bicycle Co touring bike, built with Brooks bar tape, B-17 saddle, bag and the new Brooks panniers. Aaron lent it to them for the show and between the bike and the gorgeous bags, it became the booth’s center piece. Of course I don’t need to mention that just about every city or touring bike in the show had a Brooks on it. Why bother with anything else?