Sides 3 / The Revival Premiere Edit Dec 7, 2009

SIDES 3 from Alec Gates on Vimeo.

Nice edit. Big ups to Puckett and the other kids who threw this event. Elliot was spinning like a dumpling house. Much love for my Texas boys! Houston crew!

Sides 3

  • you wouldnt believe how much flannel was out there. “why do you all dress like yer dads?” btw john im grounded from my bike. i wrecked my shoulder tryin to pull a filthy santillan.

  • headbandana

    puppypitbull for life.

    hi puckett

  • Third coast baby, looked like a lot a fun. Wish there was more footage of fakie races.

  • jkelley

    nice!!! I left houston in 07, glad to see a scene growing and sick riders busting! p.s. where were the local kids who slide down the hill on cardboad??