Readers’ Rides: Van’s 1982 Jim Merz MTB


Readers’ Rides: Van’s 1982 Jim Merz MTB

Jim Merz has designed some really stunning bikes over the years. Most known perhaps for his original Specialized Sequoia touring bike design, Jim has dedicated his life to designing bikes meant to be ridden on all surfaces. A while back, we featured Jim with the Merz edition Sequoia gravel bike, as well as one of Jim’s MTBs and today, we bring you Van from Texas’ 1982 Jim Merz, so check out more below!

This is one of maybe a dozen MTBs according to Jim.

Way too small for me, a bit rough and tweaked but cool as heck and I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough when it popped up.

I had never seen one in person let alone for sale.

I know you’re a fan of his so thought I would put it out there. I have 5 of his bikes altogether including JM027 which is the first one that he built for himself.

Jim used a lot of AX cranks for his triples. Yet these modified Dura Ace cranks are unique in that they have been tapped for a third chainring (just like this one) and feature pedal adapters that he made, again, cool as heck to me.

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