Readers’ Rides: Marty’s Rocky Mountain Blizzard


Readers’ Rides: Marty’s Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Our Readers’ Rides today features Marty and his Rocky Mountain Blizzard that has been passed around to several people in Minnesota but has finally settled down in his care. Let’s check it out!

We’re all familiar with the story of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. You know that book/movie from 2008 where a pair of jeans seemed to take on a magical property and improve the character’s life pr become some kind of influence in the outcomes of a situation.

Well, this here Rocky Mountain Blizzard is just kinda like those jeans. Its been passed around through several folks in the Minnesota riding scene. It started its life in Minneapolis under the auspices of Brent from Twin 6. At some point he stripped it of the traditional black and white paint and gave it a proper Rollings Stones color (c’mon…Paint it Black?)

At some point, the frame found its way to my friend Ben. He’s not the tall drink of water that Brent is, so it just kinda hung out for a while. Along came me though! I AM a tall drink of water, and Ben, the fashion that it was given to him, gave it to me. Being a true garage build, it had a mishmash of parts on it, and was set up as a single speed straight out of the box. Like any garage build, it went through several iterations. I tried it as a retro mtb, but it just didn’t ride all that well off road. Not like my modern bikes.

So it started its transition to an urban basket bike. It was quick handling and sure-footed over broken terrain. It worked well. As you can see, that basket was freakin’ high as a kite though.

Then our friend Tim came along and HE needed a bike to use for running about. I had several others at this point and passed it along to him. Tim rode it for a few years, then sort of felt guilty for taking a bike for free. He insisted on giving it back when he bought a new bike.

So it ends up back in my garage. Who am I to turn a bike down? It’s treated each of its owners well (just like those traveling pants). Its towed trailers full of tools and beer and food to trail-building events, hauled all manner of sustenance in the basket, and served as a faithful commuter for years. Parts were wearing out though.

I got new, gently loved Ritchey wheels for it, The blown Surly Singulator got replaced with a solid Rohloff tensioner, and the 90’s era riding position got altered to comfort heaven with the best upgrade yet, Mone MRB bars and a dropper post(cause I’m getting old, and getting off of low seats is easier than high ones!).

Here s to the Brotherhood of the Travelling Blizzard. May it travel well in the future!



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