YoWelli Bars


YoWelli Bars

Even though I don’t particularly like crossbars on 700c (or 26″ fixed) bikes, I can still appreciate the beauty of a nice, wide steel bar with a decent amount of rise. If I had a DJ or a MTB, I’d wanna ride this kind of bar. Vassili from Create 2 Destroy just got his hands on a pair of YoWelli Bars. The model shown is the ODBar. They have a 3.5″ rise, 5° upsweep, 10° backsweep and are 33″ wide; you’ll probably wanna chop a little off.

Anson’s been working on these bars for a while now and I’m sure they’re legit as hell. The cost for these handmade in the USA bars is $70. Hit them up to grab a pair.

Check out a photo of Anson putting them to work below.

Photo by Yoni Arava

Killer! Anson’s a real ripper. Check out this video from the Brooklyn Banks he put together last year, here.

Anson Brooklyn Banks SESH