Volume Bikes: Resist Componentry Line


Volume Bikes: Resist Componentry Line


In an interesting approach to addressing the increasing fixed demand, Volume Bikes announced today that they will be branching off into a new componentry line called Resist. Here’s what they said about the move:

Some of you guys probably are wondering what the hell happened to the Volume Stamp sprockets we showed samples of awhile back. Volume started to make too many parts that we swore Volume would never do, Volume was always to be a frame, fork and bar company. We decided to start a new parts brand, Resist Parts. Resist will focus on parts for fixed, 26” and our new line of commuter bikes. It’s endless on what the possibilities are for Resist. The natural progression of Volume in making new lines of frames, Resist will always be able to supply the parts.

We’ll have more info on the Resist Parts site on what will be available. Production of parts will be available Oct. Stay tuned!

Interesting for sure. I’ll be waiting to see what’s next from them.