TREE Bicycle Co. Collet Stem Prototype


TREE Bicycle Co. Collet Stem Prototype


Yesterday I showed you the new TREE Bicycle Co 4130 Heatreated sprocket and some of you picked up on how Sam’s Collet stem appears to be upside down. I’ve got some more photos of that below, along with information about this new prototype.

Check out more below!


If you watched the TREE Collet stem instructional video, Sam states that you should only run the current stem as a drop stem and that they were working on a top-load version.


Well, this is that top load version.


This is still a prototype but expect a production run soon. The Potts Mode top cap is in production and available at your LBS.


Another interesting take on a rather standard component is the new TREE hub guard. Since you only really need to protect the bottom side of the hub, Sam designed this unique hub guard to address this. This is all I’m going to show you of the hub guard, you get the gist of it.


I think it’s pretty rad to see TREE addressing the market with unique products and I’m stoked to see some of the innovation coming out of their company. Now if we can just use a bit of that for the fixed market. ;-) Also, I’m surprised no one commented on Sam’s seat in yesterday’s post. You guys are slipping! Check out more at my Flickr.

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