Tomii Cycles Showcase: Kevin’s Gravel Packer

This year was to be the first year Nao Tomii of Tomii Cycles was going to attend NAHBS. For a small builder like Nao, spending the kind of money it takes to pull a seat up to the table of the USA’s largest hand made bicycle show takes a lot of financial planning, so when NAHBS was postponed this year, Tomii Cycles wouldn’t be able to attend. Most builders display customer’s bikes at NAHBS and asking his clients to wait four more months for their bikes, especially during a pandemic was out of the question. I reached out to Nao and asked if we could display his bikes here at the Radavist, so this week, we’re doing just that. Here’s Kevin’s Gravel Packer, complete with paint by Jordan Low and Andrew the Maker bags…

Kevin wanted front and rear racks, with custom bags made to fit each, so Nao from Tomii Cycles got to work shaping these racks, much like how we saw him do in the Shop Visit photo gallery. He begins with a wire armature, getting the bend of the rack just right, before cutting and bending steel stock. This way, the racks follow the lines of the bike and Nao can examine them from all angles.

The front rack is complimented by the sleeved, scalloped, and segmented fork crown…

Rotor’s UNO hydraulic group fits the NAHBS bike presence, with its angled, geometric, and futuristic styling, complimenting this bike’s own silhouette. We’ll look at the Rotor group in detail next week during a review of it here on the website.

The end package epitomizes NAHBS yet is nothing different for Tomii Cycles’ work. Enjoy!