Nao’s Own Tomii Cycles Chubby Road

Yesterday we took a deep dive into the shop of Tomii Cycles. Typically, builders use their own bikes to experiment and explore ideas, concepts, and construction techniques they’ll later use on their client’s bikes. This reasoning is why I always gravitate towards a builder’s own bike when I’m visiting a shop.

Nao from Tomii Cycles’ personal chubby road bike has informed the Canvas and Fat Canvas production models. It’s a disc road bike, made to fit bigger tires to absorb Texas chipseal and take on gravel roads. The main difference between the Canvas model and Nao’s bike is that beautiful steel fork and the 1 1/8″ head tube.

Elegance is often initiated but the follow-through is really hard to nail down, yet this bike dances with style across the road.

This bike also utilizes one of the rear rack and roll-top bag, made by Japan’s Fairweather bags. While this bike is not a production model Nao offers, he can make you a custom bike just like this. Holler at Tomii Cycles!