Tomii Cycles Showcase: Elvin’s Sportif Pass Hunter

This year was to be the first year Nao Tomii of Tomii Cycles was going to attend NAHBS. For a small builder like Nao, spending the kind of money it takes to pull a seat up to the table of the USA’s largest hand made bicycle show takes a lot of financial planning, so when NAHBS was postponed this year, Tomii Cycles wouldn’t be able to attend. Most builders display customer’s bikes at NAHBS and asking his clients to wait four more months for their bikes, especially during a pandemic was out of the question. I reached out to Nao and asked if we could display his bikes here at the Radavist, so we’re doing just that…

Elvin wanted something different for his dream bike. In a world of plump, chubby gravel bikes, filled with carbon forks, disc brakes, electronic shifting, Bluetooth, wifi, and other tech “advancements”, he wanted something simple, classic, and yes, special.

I don’t think I have to say this but I will anyway, there’s nothing wrong with those aforementioned technological advancements. They’re great! Yet, there’s also nothing wrong with rim brakes, downtube shifters, and integrated dynamo lighting either. Especially when it looks this good.

With a SON hub, Edelux lamp, a custom rear light bracket, Brooks Cambium, René Herse cranks, Dura Ace, custom stem, custom racks, drillium levers, Paul Touring Cantis a polished Silca frame pump, and yes, FENDERS, you can say I saved the best for last in this Tomii Cycles Showcase.