Thomas Porter’s Splendid Cycles


Thomas Porter’s Splendid Cycles

I’m just going through some emails from the last few weeks and came across this gem. It’s a bit long but well worth the watch. Here’s a little background:

“Brooklyn resident William Thomas Porter builds wonderful – and really weird – bikes. “I wouldn’t call them mutants,” he says of his bike caricatures, “because that would make them sound ugly. It’s more like creating this… new splendid form.” We followed him around for a about a year documenting his projects and cajoling him into demonstrating the bikes’ awesomeness in a series of humorous, fast-paced vignettes.

Throughout the short Tom chats with good friend (and sometimes collaborator), Diego Guzman, about how and exactly why he does what he does.”

Swingbike freestyle is all the rage and the bounce bike sequences in McCarren Park are great!