The 2020 Cervelo Áspero Disc GRX 1 Comes with a 27.5″ Wheel Option

Cervelo‘s flagship gravel bike, the Áspero, just got a new build kit option with smaller wheels and higher volume tires. I got to check out this limited edition build kit while I was in Portland and I must say, the details on it are impressive. Read on for a more in-depth look.

To start with, the Áspero 650b/27.5 will only be available in this splatter paint job. The Chris King bits and Santa Cruz Reserve wheels are extra – this bike was on display at the Chris King Open House – but everything else you see here, including the bolt-on top tube bag, will be included in the $4,200 USD price point. Yes, the dropper post is included.

The Áspero has a trail adjust feature in the fork dropout. This 2-position 10mm fore/aft adjustment position accommodates various tire/wheel sizes. If for instance, you’re running a smaller OD, run it in the forward position to slow the handling down, or when using a bigger OD, run it in the rear position to speed the handling up. Or, mix and match to find which position you like the best, as shown here. Be a rule breaker! Cervelo has dubbed this feature the TrailMixer.

The clearance on the Áspero is impressive for a brand accustomed to aero road and race bikes. Seeing such outstanding detailing for a gravel bike really caught me off guard. Not that I didn’t think they were capable of designing such a bike, it just didn’t seem like Cervelo would be into gravel…

Check out the geometry and full specs here:

Ordering will be handled by Cervelo dealers, so holler at your local shop for ordering on October 28th.