unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley: Easy on the Eyes. Hard on the Legs. 

unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley returns on Sunday, October 11th, 2020 with up to 1,000 participants racing, or just riding, through the beautiful forests & farms of Central Pennsylvania during peak fall foliage season.

The unPAved courses showcase some of the best gravel riding Pennsylvania has to offer, with long climbs, lovely descents, mostly-smooth-but-sometimes-chunky gravel & dirt roads, top-shelf aid stations, pretty trees, running streams, rail-trails, tunnels, a brewery or two and hardly a bar of cell phone service. The Full course is a 120-mile challenge of stamina with eight mountain passes, with options to make your day better on the Plenty-90 or Proper-54 mile courses, and a 30-mile FUNpaved ride as well.

All riders finish along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail which brings them to the DONEpaved Party back in town for local beers, whoopie pies, lots of prizes and smiles all-around.

Registration opens at 9am Eastern on Saturday, April 4th. Check out what it’s all about: @unpavedpennsylvania.

T-Town: The First Stop on the Last Chance Train to Tokyo


T-Town: The First Stop on the Last Chance Train to Tokyo

Words and photos by Dan Chabanov

Before I get into this I just wanted to point out that I am not a journalist. Everything I’m writing here is just my observations from hanging out at the track this summer. I didn’t have conversations with anyone “on the record” hence why I don’t name or quote any riders. I was just having casual conversations with folks about life, racing, and the Olympics. I wasn’t conducting interviews. So take this for what it is, just my glimpse behind the curtain of world-class athletes racing, doing their thing, and trying to make the Olympic dream happen.