More Than Just a Touring Bike: A Dirty Review of the Bombtrack Beyond 2


More Than Just a Touring Bike: A Dirty Review of the Bombtrack Beyond 2

A bike’s stance dictates how you’ll ride it. When you see bikes like this, you don’t think of speed and efficiency. Coming off of a lightweight carbon gravel bike review and jumping back onto this Bombtrack Beyond 2 made me think about my headspace while riding a bike. For me, bikes like the Beyond 2, AWOL, Sutra ULTD, and Otso Fenrir instill a feeling of unintentionality when riding. They’re machines for meandering. While they are all touring bikes, designed for front and rear racks, they are so much more. I’ve put in many meandering miles on this bike and am ready to break it down for you, so read on below.


HOUSE BLEND: Loose Cycles, Ljubljana

House Blend is a new video project by Bombtrack:

“HOUSE BLEND is a video series presenting dedicated Bombtrack core-shops spread all over the planet. What feels better to a cyclist than to have a home, somewhere you feel comfortable with each time you’re crossing the threshold, where someone that can help to build the bike of your dreams resides, and where you can always find skilled mechanics that leave no doubt to their abilities and are always happy to help in moments when one at their wit’s end? All those shops we are presenting in this series are a focal point for a local scene, as they offer a quick coffee the moment your destination passes by, or they organize community ride-outs with like-minded individuals on the weekends – or they do both, and even more.”

This first episode features Loose Cycles, in Ljublijana.


Gaëlle on Tour: Whiteout

Bombtrack’s rider Gaëlle takes on touring in the winter for the latest video in their series:

“In February 2020, I spent a month cycling accross frozen lake Baikal. The cold, the ice and the snow drew me there. I can’t explain precisely why I enjoy being in these landscapes so much but I feel comfortable in these wintery places – despite the cold, the harshness and the solitude. I love the silence, the muffled sounds, the light, the seeming steadiness that I find very soothing.”

Bombtrack’s Hook EXT Ti All Road


Bombtrack’s Hook EXT Ti All Road

Here’s some fresh produce for 2021: Bombtrack’s new Hook EXT Ti all road. This titanium frame gets paired with the Bombtrack EXT V2 fork with cargo bosses and beefy construction. Like other Hook models, the Hook EXT TI can accommodate various wheel and tire sizes, multiple bags, no matter the ride, and is globally limited to 50 pieces in its first year, so expect supplies to be extremely limited.

Delivery for the Hook EXT Ti will be between February and March. Head to Bombtrack to see more.

-Titanium 3Al-2.5V frame with T47 BB shell fender mounts and through axles.
-Full carbon tapered fork with internal light cable routing, through axles and triple cage mounts.
-Sram UDH derailleur hanger.
-Toptube bag direct mounts, triple cage mount on downtube and seattube for optimized bottle position, bottle cage mounts underneath the downtube and rear rack mounts.
-CNC yoke for maximum tire and chainring clearance.
-Ovalized toptube for supreme steering precision and comfort.
-Biaxially ovalized downtube for optimized power transfer and steering precision.
-Front derailleur compatible.
-12 mm through axles front and rear.


Matty and Clare: Lost Camptures

The latest video from Bombtrack has all the vibes!

“Matty has bikepacked plenty of times in Europe and Australia and has passionately shared his infatuation for riding with me. I was fairly new to this way of life and adventure but excited to share this experience on my first bike-packing trip overseas. More than a year of travel ahead and a one-way flight to Oslo, Norway was the beginning of the unknown. The trepidation of leaving our family, friends and jobs behind was tempered by the excitement of the new challenges we would soon be facing. Add to this a strong emotional link to Matty’s Grandfather, Bob, who had cycle toured Scandinavia in the 1950’s, we felt a powerful draw to this mountainous country to mark the beginning of our world trip. There was also the challenge of tracking down the same locations Bob had captured on an old film camera, recently uncovered in a dusty photo album.

The film documents our daily trials and tribulations, from strong headwinds, torrential rain, the odd argument and uncontrollable happiness as we attempted to re-trace the pedal strokes of Matty’s Grandfather. Maybe, we dared to think, even recreate one of his images and come to find his ‘Lost Captures’…” – Clare Nattress


Matty and Clare: Lost Captures Trailer

Bombtrack-sponsored riders Matty and Clare took to Norway for a bicycle tour and have pulled together a full-length video documenting their travels. Here’s the trailer for Los Captures:

“Norway is a country close to Matty’s heart, a connection which only came to light after unearthing his Grandfathers previously unseen photo albums shortly after his death. They show a young and cheerful man, with a dry wit, exploring beautiful Norwegian nature by bicycle, endless gravel roads, stave churches and cascading waterfalls. All in the 1950’s. We both knew that we had to try, in some small way, to trace and commemorate his journey and visit some of the same locations and beautiful panoramas. Maybe, we dared to think, even recreate one of his images and come to find his ‘Lost Captures’…”