Radar Roundup: Globe Haul LT, Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cage, Otso Arctodus New Paint, Jones Schrader Valve Stems, CdC Solenne Hoodie, Alexandera’s 2023 Colorado Trail Race, The Meeting, and NRW Cross-Cup


Radar Roundup: Globe Haul LT, Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cage, Otso Arctodus New Paint, Jones Schrader Valve Stems, CdC Solenne Hoodie, Alexandera’s 2023 Colorado Trail Race, The Meeting, and NRW Cross-Cup

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Globe Haul LT $3500

If you read our Globe Haul ST review, you probably realized you wanted one of those bikes but with a long tail. Well, the Long Tail, or LT, is in stock at Globe now. With room to carry six Cool Cave panniers and extra humans the LT is a proper SUV replacement.

Roll on over to Globe to check it out!

And read our Globe ST review if you haven’t: On Mobility, American Cities, and e-Cargo Life in Santa Fe: A Globe Haul ST Review

Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cage $51.95

The Morse Cargo Cage is designed to increase a bike’s carrying capacity. This was created for bikepacking, self-supported races, and rides that just require more gear. The Morse name extends the popular dot-dash mounting pattern that allows for 35mm of vertical adjustment, which is also featured on Wolf Tooth Morse Bottle Cages. It will fit on a fork three-pack mount or anywhere on the frame that has bottle bosses. The Morse Cargo Cage also has bolt mounting points on the angled sides for additional versatility. It is made here in Minnesota, USA from durable, corrosion-resistant 5052 aluminum.

  • Cage can be purchased with two 20″ Wolf Tooth Cargo Straps; straps can also be purchased individually
  • Vertical positioning adjustment up to 35mm with Morse dot-dash mount pattern
  • Mount options in center of cage, as well as on right and left sides; use included spacers when mounting the cage by its side
  • Designed to fit fork bags, 32 oz. Nalgene bottles, large burritos, and more
  • Three stainless steel bolts and plastic spacers included
  • Replacement parts available

See more at Wolf Tooth.

Otso Arctodus Comes in Navy/Peach

Fat bikes are still here. Rejoice! And Otso’s Arctodus is back for 2023 with a new color, navy with peach accents. Big adventures require a bike that can rise to the occasion. Arctodus is named after Arctodus simus, an Ice Age behemoth that was the largest bear to ever walk the Earth. Like its namesake, Arctodus the bike is versatile, strong, and ready to explore. It has adjustable geometry, a durable steel frame, a massive front triangle for a frame bag, lots of cargo mounts, and can clear the biggest fat bike tires on the market. Arctodus is ready for afternoon exploration, polar expeditions, and everything in between.

Arctodus is available for pre-order now for a mid-September delivery in frameset or complete from Otso Bikes.

Jones Bikes New Schrader Valve Stems $25

Schrader valves are stiffer, sturdier and easier to use than presta valves. They have a larger diameter than presta valves allowing for increased airflow and this makes setting up tubeless tires much easier. The 36.5 mm long valve stems work perfectly with Jones aluminum and carbon rims and wheelsets. They also fit many other rims as well. The aluminum base of the stem is smooth, rounded, and lower profile which makes installing tires easier without catching the tire bead on the stem. The large inside diameter features a beveled, all metal opening for faster/higher volume airflow and no clogging. The large valve stem ring nut has more surface area for your fingers making it easier to turn. It also has an o-ring to keep it tight. The valve cores are removable and replaceable. Sealed aluminum valve caps top everything off and even come with their own integrated tools. One cap is a valve core removal tool and the other is for bleeding air.



  • Jones Aluminum Schrader valve stems with caps.
  • Removable, replaceable, valve cores.
  • Sealed aluminum valve caps with integrated tools for valve core removal and easy air bleeding.
  • Larger inside diameter for fast and easy tubeless set-up.
  • Stiffer, sturdier and easier to use than presta valves.
  • Lower profile base which makes installing tires easier without catching the tire bead on the stem.
  • Beveled aluminum base for faster/higher volume airflow with no clogs.
  • Large stem ring nut with good grip.
  • Replacement valve cores and caps available.
  • Fits 8 mm rim hole.
  • Length: 36.5 mm
  • Weight: 24 g (pair)

See more at Jones Bikes.

Cafe du Cicliste Unisex Dirt Jersey $241

Solenne is a highly technical hooded jersey, reflecting wilder roads ridden and designed to deliver maximum performance with signature style. The high grade construction ensures warmth matched with exceptional breathability while the textured top fabric radically improves moisture transfer to aid core temperature control.

Built with unbeaten tracks in mind, the jersey can be worn as a top layer in milder weather while adding extra layers will easily make it suitable for colder weather rides.

Solenne has a classic fit, contrasting interior, three rear cargo pockets and zipped pocket as well as two front pockets in typical ‘hoodie’ style and our red and green gravel badge.


  • 93% polyester | 7% elastane
  • full hood
  • technical fabrics
  • one zipped pocket
  • three cargo pockets
  • gravel collection
  • classic fit
  • made in europe

Check out more at Cafe du Cicliste.




Alexandera’s 2023 Colorado Trail Race

After Alexandera had her heart broken on the Tour Divide, her nerves were aplenty at the start of the 2023 Colorado Trail Race. She stuck to her race plan– which was to rest early and try hard towards the end to make sure her body would hold up to the extreme altitude and unrelenting terrain. What ended up being her fastest Colorado Trail effort to date wasn’t enough to pull a race win.

She placed 4th lady overall, losing her 3x CTR title to Katya Rakhmatulina, who set a new women’s record with an incredible 5 day, 1 hour and some minutes.

It’s wild how many races one can do and still feel like a rookie! Lessons learned, heartbreak felt, but pure joy in the reaffirmation; Alexandera still sees herself as a bike racer despite questioning her identity following the TD. Stay tuned to see what her final effort of the Triple Crown Challenge looks like when she races the Arizona Trail in late October 2023.



Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition Firebird – The Meeting

It’s not just another day in the office with Pivot Factory Racing. The team needs to pick a fresh new colorway for their Limited Edition Firebird. How will they decide?



Bombtrack at the NRW Cross Cup

Cross is boss. When it comes to the different disciplines of bicycle racing, it is Cyclocross in particular that has fascinated us over the last years. In 2021, we teamed up with the cycling association NRW for the fourth time and combined 8 Cyclocross races to a local, small Cyclocross Cup: the “BOMBTRACK NRW-CROSS-CUP”. A regional series, with its races all being held in the state of “North Rhine Westphalia”. Going in it’s sixth round in 23/24, those cover every racing category from Kids to Seniors, from Hobby to Elite.




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @hailey.m.moore

Our very own Hailey Moore is leading group rides to celebrate her local CSA in Boulder:

“To celebrate the act of eating locally, I’m leading a few more organized Farm to Table rides in partnership with @ridewithgps. Each ride will highlight a couple local growers/ makers/ markets, starting from Community Cycles in Boulder and ending at the downtown Farmers’ Market for a chance to fill any remaining space in your bike bags!”

Check out more info at Ride With GPS!

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