OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo

This OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles is not your standard e-Cargo bike…

“For their 10 year anniversary, OBST&GEMÜSE, the Basel based bike shop, has worked together with Dutch frame builder Elian Cycles to develop the perfect cargo bike. Not only is it lightweight, maneuverable and beautiful, but it’s also fast. Really fast. Thanks to its MAXON rear hub MX25 Boost motor.

The OBST&GEMÜSE + Elian Cycles Ultimate e-Cargo is based upon Elian Veltman’s Classic Cargo Tour model. A bike that reached international recognition and acclaim for its gorgeous design.

This bike opens up new possibilities: bring your kids on the group ride, go off-road with your cargo or just have fun while you’re delivering your freight faster.”

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