Stefan’s Cicli Bonanno Paso Doble Paris – Brest – Paris Bike

Perhaps you remember Stefan’s coverage of last year’s Paris – Brest – Paris? That moody 35mm photo gallery that captured the event in a way so uniquely really struck me as beautiful documentation of one of the most intense endurance races. Well, this is the bike that Stefan pedaled during the event and as many of you expressed an interest in seeing better photos, we figured we’d feature it here at the site. So read on below for all the interesting tidbits, with words by Stefan…

The frame is made here in Berlin by the young Italian frame builder Niccolo Bonanno aka Cicli Bonanno. The Model is called Paso Doble and the builder describes this model as: “Life is also about tests, challenges, and repetition. This was the case of Paso Doble. Paso Doble also lives up to its name. This is thanks to its double soul: a road frame with Randonneur characteristics: more clearance for wider tires and enough room to host fenders.

The first ride of this bike was during this year’s Paris – Brest – Paris. Back then it was not painted because the frame barely was ready in time…

It’s made out of a mix of Columbus tubing and is completely Nickel-painted, and partially coated with Cerakote by Velociao.  It features a Velogical device with a Sinewave beacon front and a Supernova E3 Taillight, with internal routing.

The bike is built up with Shimano Ultegra parts and a GRX crank, strictly because of the subcompact 48/31 ratio. It’s rolling on Acros Components carbon road wheels with tubeless Schwalbe Pro One tires, with a Specialized CG-R seatpost, a Pro stealth saddle for a bit more comfort on long-distance rides, Grand Cru Brakes with clearance for 35mm tires without and 30mm when I run my Gilles Berthoud fenders. The frame comes equipped with 3 bottle cage bosses at the frame, 2 at the fork, for a propper load capacity during long events.

Whether you want to ride it “en danseuse” or not, well, that´s up to you.