Northside Wheelers

How about a nice change of pace? Let’s leave NAHBS for a second and travel to OZ. Melbourne is a cyclist’s haven for rich, vibrant culture and South Yarra seems to be the epicenter. You’ve got Shifter BikesFYXO Hub and Northside Wheelers all in the same area, running completely different businesses and yet, they’re all contributing to the greater good. With big-brand concept stores everywhere, it’s hard to find a shop that shows cycling history and sells part of the insignia that goes along with it.

The golden age of cycling is still alive, but in small circles. Northside Wheelers is a shop that sells cycling apparel and goods. Think of it as a clothing shop for the bike fanatic in your life. From Creux to Rapha, books, magazines, goods and even some vintage apparel, Malachi Moxon over at Northside Wheelers has everything you need to get you styled out for a ride.


Northside Wheelers
Shop 2, 155 Greville Street
Prahran, Vic 3181

Mon – Closed
Tue – 10am til 5pm
Wed – 10am til 5pm
Thu – 10am til 5pm
Fri – 10am til 5pm
Sat – 10am til 5pm
Sun – Closed