Let me just preface this by stating that I’ve long respected and admired the work of Andy White, owner of Fyxomatosis and the FYXO Hub. He’s been a huge inspiration to me, well, since forever. When I saw that he had opened a space behind the world’s best bike shop, Shifter Bikes, I knew great things would come from it. While I was Melbourne for a few weeks, I spent a lot of time at the ‘Hub, watching it spin.

So how is it? See for yourself.

The FYXO Hub’s hours change, so head to the site for information.

Fyxo Hub
6A Wilson St,
South Yarra 3141
PH: +61 3 9826 FYXO


  • anon

    Your photos are shit compared to Andys

    • prolly

      It’s Andy’s… not Andys, ya cunt.

  • Is it possible to take a bad photo of/in this place? Amazing!

  • Max

    This place looks perfect.

  • Psy

    Lovely shots of an awesome place! And along with all of those bikes, I’m digging the handlebars as a coathanger. Brilliant.

  • James McKeon

    if you could set the arrow keys to scroll through the photos it’d be a good move i think john, more options that i cant think have a drawback.


    • prolly

      there are arrows at the bottom right!

  • Cooper

    Wow. Nice look into that place. Thanks dude

  • Cooper

    also, new gallery looks sick. What’s the plugin?

  • Hipsters always hate huh…
    kudos to prolly n andy!. The ceiling/roof is a simple construction,high windows has no grill. How secure is this place… Unless andy is sleeping here …

  • Chris

    so…is it a store? is it some zillionaire’s mansion? it’s gorgeous, but i don’t really know what it’s for. i can’t imagine selling a few jerseys and t-shirts covers the cost of this extravagant gallery or whatever it is. lucky guy.

  • hariett vanger

    the co- owner might be nancy botwin. its a hip bike store that sells something else i guess…just like the sitcom weeds season 7.